Wednesday 5 April 2017

Camp Katur Voted One of the Best Camp Sites by Staveley Head !

We are pleased to announce that Camp Katur has been voted one of the best camping sites in Yorkshire and Humber for its attractions and amenities. 

We do have lots on offer here on the Camp Hill Estate. You can choose from a variety of activities during your stay with us including Quad Bike Tours, Seway Tours, Football Golf, Aerial Extreme Tree Top Adventure and not forgetting the Woodland Kingdom Adventure Park.

We always recommend booking activities in advance to avoid disappointment, you can get more information about activities and make bookings here, 

We are now featured on Staveley Head's UK Campsite Finder Map

You can view their Campsite Finder Map Here,

If you fancy booking a glamping stay with us you can find all our information on our website

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