Thursday 6 July 2017

Hi Glampers !

With the long summer nights here and the school holidays just around the corner I thought I would share with you some of my favourite family camp fire recipes. It is amazing what you can actually cook round a camp fire, there is so much more to be enjoyed than sausages and beans ! 

Campfire Potato Cakes 

This is a really simple recipe that is great fun to do with the kids. These would be yummy for breakfast or to serve along side a bubbling hot pot or slow cooked stew. 

All you will need is

Plain Flower
1 egg 
Optional seasoning

First of all you need to chop and boil the potatoes. This can be done over a gas camping hob, or hanging your boiling pot over your campfire. Once the potatoes are boiled you need to mash them and let them cool. Once cool make a well in the potato mix and add an egg plus any seasoning you wish, sprinkle over some flower and then mix everything together. Shape the mixture into burger shapes. Now you need to fry the potatoes over your campfire. These are very tasty! You could also add cheese or onions too if you wish.

Frying Pan Pizza Pie 

This is another easy idea that is great for a tasty lunch time treat. 

You will need

290g pack of pizza dough mix
Flour for dusting
1 tbsp Pesto
125g ball of mozzarella, thinly sliced
6 chopped sun dried tomatoes 

First of all you will need to make up the pizza dough mix by following the instructions on the packet, leave it in a bowl covered with a tea towel and leave somewhere warm for 1 hour or until it has doubled in size. Once this has happened then you need to divide the mixture in half and press out each piece until it is approx 20 cm round. Take one of the rounds and spread with the pesto leaving a 2cm gap around the edge, then top with the sliced mozzarella and tomatoes. Cover with the other piece of dough and then press the edges with your fingers to create a seal. Heat your frying pan over your campfire with a little oil and put in the pizza pie and cook for about 10 minutes. Use a side plate to take it out of the pan and then slide back into the pan the other side down and cook for a further 10 minutes until well browned. It will be very hot when first served so leave it for 5 minutes before slicing and serving up your lunch. 

Caramel Hot Chocolate with Strawberries and Marshmallows 

A delicious sweet treat before bed to keep you warm, kids will love this one. 

You will need 

750g whole milk
1/2 397g tin of Nestle Carnation Caramel 
1 tbsp malted milk powder
Bag of marshmallows
Packet of strawberries 

This is very simple. In a saucepan, over your camp fire heat the milk with the caramel, whisk until smooth and heat until it is steaming. Divide the malted milk powder into 4 mugs and pour the hot caramel milk on top, stirring so you don't get any lumps.  Serve and dip in strawberries and marshmallows. This is truly yummy and great for those of you with a sweet tooth! 

Omelette in a Bag

Another easy recipe, with this one it helps to have all the ingredients cut and prepped before you go camping and stored in small Tupperware containers, this make it a lot easier and quicker when it comes to making these. 

You will need 

2 eggs
1 tbsp water
Grated cheese
Ham chopped
Tomatoes chopped
Peppers chopped
Any other toppings you would like in your omelette 
A large freezer bag

Bring a pot of water to the boil over your campfire. In the meantime crack your two eggs into your freezer bag and add the water. Shake, smash, squish the bag to get those eggs really beaten up. Add the remaining ingredients you have chosen to include then squeeze as much air out of the bag as you can and then seal tightly.  Shake the ingredients round a bit to get an even mix. Place the bag in the boiling water and cook for about 13 minutes until the eggs are set and no longer runny. Carefully remove the bag from the water and when you open the bag the omelette should easily side onto the plate. Serve with a side salad and enjoy. 

Salsa Verde Baked Salmon 

Salmon is one of my favourite things to eat, it is so tasty. This quick and easy camping dinner is packed full of flavour. You will need to pre make the salsa verde at home and then bring it stored in a small Tupperware container. 

You will need- to serve 4

4 skinless salmon fillets
10 cloves of crushed garlic
1 tsp of chili flakes
Olive oil
1 packet of fresh trimmed green beans
Chopped tomatoes
Juice from  1 lemon
Chopped Parsley 
Salt and pepper to taste 

You can make the salsa verde the night before your camping trip at home. Blend the parsley, garlic, chili and olive oil in a food processor until mixed but still a little bit chunky. Boil the green beans for about 3 minutes at home also. Cut 4 pieces of tin foil into 14 inch lengths and lay the salmon fillets in the center of each. Top each with a quarter of the green beans and then top with the salsa verde mix. Cover this with the chopped tomatoes and season to taste. Wrap the salmon parcels up and store in a container and take away with you. When camping place the salmon parcels on a grid over your campfire and cook for approximately 20  minutes and enjoy. This dish would go lovely with the potato cakes mentioned above. 

I hope these simple recipes have given you some tasty ideas for your summer camping trip this year.
If you have any favourite recipes you would like to share with us please send us them. 

Happy Glamping !

Girl in the Cupboard  xx 

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