Wednesday 6 December 2017

Hi Glampers ! 

Are you all ready for the festive season? Christmas comes around so fast doesn't it . Now that we are in December if you are anything like me you will be frantically hitting the shops or surfing the internet trying to find your loved ones the perfect Christmas gift. 

I have been taking a look at Glamping Fashion gift ideas this year, there are so many fabulous clothing gift ideas for those family and friends who love to Glamp.  

I love this cute white ladies Glamping jumper, it would make a perfect gift. Priced at £24.70 this can be found on by using this link,

This T - Shirt sums up Glamping for me and comes in a variety of different colour options too, great value at £22.85 also available from at this link,

This T-Shirt is a brilliant bargain at only £15.44 and would make a great gift for any man who loves his camping trips ! Available from at this link

These Glamping PJ's will keep you warm in your sleeping bag at night, they come in a variety of different coloured and patterned PJ bottoms too. Priced at £28.00 they can be found from here at this link

These wellies are a favourite of mine, they are really cute and I love the pink buckle bow and what's better is they are only £12.50! These are available from Asda Direct and can be found at this link,,default,pd.html

These children's PJ's are amazing, I love all the little pictures on them of the trees and caravans etc, any little girl who loves camping would make a proud owner of these PJ's ! They size from 2-10 years and can be found on Amazon at this link

I hope that has given you a few Christmas gift ideas . 

I wish you all a great Christmas and a Happy new Year . 

Camp Katur xxx

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