Thursday 16 October 2014

Ten Great Glamping Ideas!

What a brilliant idea taking an old pill organiser box and filling it with your favourite spices and herbs. You would just need to label the top of each compartment with whatever you want inside and this is so much easier than bringing individual bottles should you want to add a little spice to your recipes.

A brilliant idea for meal preparation is pre chopped veggies! If you pre chop your ingredients and put them in sealed freezer bags in a cool box this will save loads of time on cooking your camp fire meals.

A perfect idea to keep those summer insects away from your delicious cocktails! Looks pretty too, would be great for a girlie weekend away. 

A personal favourite of mine- a D.I.Y Bubble Bath!
This really is luxurious camping. Just don’t forget your rubber duck!

Matches in a Jam Jar- so simple but effective. Puts an end to soggy match boxes and keeps your matches dry and usable. You could even decorate your jar if you wish with ribbons and labels to make it more attractive.                                                                                                              

I love this idea and would be great for party themed glamping. A Glam Aid Kit made to look like a first aid kit. This could be given to party guests and contain items such as a nail polish, soaps, hand gel, sweets etc. A nice alternative to a party bag.

Frozen pancake mix! So simple, just make up your pancake mix and put it in a food bag. Put a food peg on the end to keep it inside and pop it in the freezer. Take it out on the day of your trip, it will defrost and simply cut the end of when ready to use.

This plastic shoe rack makes a great organiser for all your cooking utensils. Will keep them clean and off the floor and help towards keeping your tent tidy and clutter free.

An idea for those of you with a tumble dryer at home. Make your own fire starters can be made using old empty toilet rolls and dryer flint. Simply stuff the dryer flint inside the toilet roll tube and this will help get your fire started.

 Keep your toilet roll clean and dry by storing it in an old plastic CD Spindle. No more soggy paper!

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