Wednesday 29 October 2014

Camping Games

It is safe to say when camping in this country you never know what the weather is going to be like, we all pray for glorious sunshine but sometimes this doesn't happen! Having a list of games and things children can do no matter what the weather is a way of preventing boredom kicking in and keeping your holiday entertaining for them and relaxing for you.

Here are my top games for kids that will never fail to entertain!

Letter chaos

Decide between your group a category, for example animals. The first player calls out an item from that category and the next player has to use the last letter from that word to make the first letter of their next word. So for an animal category your round might go something like, horse, elephant, tiger, rhinoceros. For older children just use harder categories such as lakes or foreign cities. This is also a good game to play in the car on your journey to the campsite.

Scavenger Hunt

This game can be played around the campsite, in the woods or even on a day trip away to the beach. Firstly agree within the players an area you will search in. Then divide a list together between yourselves a list of treasures for the children to find, for example a feather, round stone, red leaf. Send each child off with a bucket to collect their treasures in and the winner is the one who has collected the most in a given time period. This game is great for giving you a chance to relax and read a book whilst the children are off looking for treasure.

Kick the can

Chose an open space ideally a wood or somewhere with some natural hiding places. Decide on one person to be the king/queen and they need to stand in the middle of the space next to the ‘can’. This could be a tree stump or an old bucket. The king/queen covers their eyes and counts to 25 whilst everyone playing must then run off and hide. The aim is for the players to get close enough to kick the can. The king/queen must open their eyes and defend the can and try to get a player out by tagging them. If a player has been tagged they wait by the can ‘in prison’. The other players try to release the prisoners by kicking the can without being tagged themselves. This game is usually involves lots of cheering and fast chases.

Wink Murder

This is a great game to play when it is raining as this can be played inside a tent. Rip up a piece of paper into as many pieces as there are players. On one piece of paper write the word ‘murderer’. Fold the pieces of paper and put them in a hat. Each person needs to sit in a circle and takes a piece of paper out of the hat without letting anyone else see. The murderer then winks at each person in turn who will then ‘die’. The murdered one counts to ten before dying so the others can’t guess who the murderer is. High drama and loud noises are expected from the dying player at this stage. This makes it more fun! The aim of the game is for the murderer to wink each player out without anyone guessing who the murderer is.

Sports Day

If you have a large group of people this can be loads of fun. Running races are good, three legged races, tug of war, egg and spoon race, wheelbarrow races are just a few examples of different heats you can have in the competition. People can divide up into teams and you can award a different number of points for the position that team comes in each heat. The team at the end with the most points wins.

The Alphabet Game

This game is quite simple. Find items starting with every letter of the alphabet and see who can find the most. This is good for children to do on an overcast day.

Fairy House

This is a good game for small children. Explain to them they need to build a house for homeless fairies. The best place is in a secluded place in the woods as fairies are very shy and it needs to be as colourful and attractive as possible as fairies can be very picky. Then take the children off on a nature walk to collect items for the house, bright leaves, feathers etc. Then once they have collected enough items help them to make a house.

Duck, Duck, Goose

Get the children to sit in a circle. The one who is ‘it’ walks around the outside of the circle patting each child on the head saying ‘duck’ for each one. When the child who is it gets to the child he wants to chase he yells ‘goose’ and runs round the outside of the circle with the ‘goose’ chasing him. If the goose catches him he gets to sit back down. If he doesn't catch him, he now becomes ‘it’ and starts around the circle again saying….duck….duck…duck.

Park Ranger

You will need a fairly open area for this one with pre-set boundary lines. Nominate one player to be the ‘Park Ranger’. This player stands in the center of the lawn and all other players stand shoulder to shoulder facing the park rangers. All players must choose an animal but keep it to themselves as it doesn't matter if any are duplicated. The park ranger then names characteristics of animals for example beaks, four legs, feathers. If your animal has this feature you have to run across the lawn without being tagged by the park ranger. If you do get tagged you become a tree. Trees can’t move from their spot but can sway from side to side to tag people as they run past. The winner is the last person not to become a tree, they then become the park ranger in the next round.

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