Friday 12 December 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas

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So I don't know who else out there is like me and suddenly realised its nearly two weeks until Christmas and they really need to finish their Christmas shopping! Now I hate going shopping near Christmas, its too busy in town, people bumping into each other and finding the present they wanted to buy has sold out. I am definitely a buy online kind of girl and I am also a hunt for bargains kind of girl too ! So I thought I would share with you some of my great gift ideas that I have found online this year, some of them great for people who love Glamping, and some just because I thought they would make great presents. I'v e thrown in a few bargain tips too!

The Selfie Stick
Now I think these are just brilliant. A much easier way to take a well loved selfie and lets face it we are all guilty of taking these! They come in a variety of colours and you just need to set the timer and smile ! These would make an excellent stocking filler. I found these at for a cheap and cheerful price of £4.68. 

Canvas Prints
These gifts are so personal and are great for family and friends. 
They come in a variety of different sizes and are great for sending your loved ones your best memorable Glamping pictures. You can buy these from many photo printing websites but my tip of the day is to always check out first as they often have offers on for canvas prints that can be quite expensive otherwise. They have an offer on at the moment with prints starting at £7. 95.

Kit in a Tin
This would make a great gift idea for any lover of camping and festivals. It is a Kit full of items you would need like a torch, matches and even a poncho! I found these  at for £10.99 with free delivery. 

Travelogue Holiday Memories Set
I thought this is perfect for if you have a friend like me who goes on many traveling adventures! It would be great for making notes on your trips, holidays or camping adventures. It comes with 64 pages for writing as well as travel tips and advice and maps. I found this at for £14.99 and free delivery.
This site is great for all kinds of different gifts for people who love camping. Its got everything from funky cups and plates to cool travel bags and a variety of VW themed gifts if there are any fans out there. This tea towel would make a cute gift for someone and at only £5 you can't go wrong !
This site I love it sells loads of unique gift ideas from jewelry and clothing to homewear and gifts. I love this nail polish, it is very different and would be great for festivals. Any girl would love it and its only £3.82 which makes it a great stocking filler idea. I also love these black dangle earrings with gold leaf and glitter. I think these are beautiful and are priced at £15.27 (prices are converted from USD).

Giving something back
Giving to charities is something I think is important all year round and maybe something that takes a back seat during this busy time of year. So when I saw this I thought it was a brilliant way of Christmas shopping whilst giving to a very worth while charity. If you sign up to the comparison site Give As You Live, they will make a donation to Macmillan every time you purchase at over 3,600 leading stores.

This year I have been loving the idea of making my own Christmas gifts. Some are so simple and easy to make but look really effective. Plus people love getting home made gifts as they are so personal. Pinterest is a great site for ideas on what you can create. I have got into making one or two little things of my own this year. I have been making bath bombs and sweet trees. Here are a few pictures of what I have been making to give you some inspiration!

These are my sweet trees. I can make them in a variety of designs depending on your choice of sweet or chocolate. They are pretty and a little bit different than receiving your usual box of chocolates. I sell these from £20 depending on choice of topping.

These are the bath bombs I have made. So simple to make and I bought pretty little organza bags to put them in. I am giving all my friends these as a little something this year.

I hope my blog has given you all some Christmas shopping ideas and taken away some of the stress of Christmas shopping ! I hope you all have a very happy Christmas and I will be back in touch in the New Year.

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