Tuesday 20 October 2015

Hi Glampers !

Autumn is one of our favourite times of year. I love all the different coloured leaves on the trees and the feeling of getting all wrapped up to go outside on a cold crisp morning. For me nothing beats taking my pooch for an early morning walk looking at all the pretty autumn colours in the fields and then coming home to a nice warm cosy house, whilst enjoying warm soups and crusty bread for lunch before snuggling up on an evening with the fire crackling under a warm blanket. and  glass of mulled wine.

Two of my favourite things happen in Autumn too, Halloween and Bonfire Night. I have always been a big fan of Halloween, I think it stems from watching horror films when I was younger with my best friend and I love Bonfire Night, standing around a bonfire eating toffee apples and watching the fountain of fireworks whilst trying not to burn my own hands with a sparkler!

Every year we go conker picking with my partners daughter. She loves trying to find the biggest and shiniest conkers and will collect carrier bags full of them, I'm too sure what she does with them all afterwards but she did inform me they can be used to keep spiders away from your house in the winter. Having not heard this before I decided to ask my good friend Mr Google! and it turns out she was right. It stems from an old wives tale that putting conkers in the corners of your rooms, on the window ledges and by your doors will deter our 8 legged friends from coming into your house. It is believed that the conkers contain a noxious chemical that spiders don't like. So as I hate all things creepy crawly I will be now placing the conkers firmly in my house and picking them daily!  

The Estate looks beautiful this time of year and glamping in autumn takes a whole new meaning. Instead of BBQ's, Pimms  and sunbathing in the hammocks we have guests cooking soups on the gas stoves, toasting marshmallows around the crackling fire pits and drinking hot chocolate and Baileys . All our accommodation here on Camp comes with either gas heaters or log burning stoves so there is no reason why Glamping cant be enjoyed throughout the autumn months too, just remember to pack extra blankets and wellies! Nothing beats waking up under your duvet in one of our unique abodes with the log burner keeping you toasty and breathing in the fresh crisp autumn air. We are only open for another two weeks so not long left to come and enjoy a night under the stars before we close for winter months. 

As always if any of you wish to send me any feedback or ideas of your own they are always welcome.

Bye for now

Girl in the cupboard

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