Friday 11 December 2015

Hi Glampers!

It's that time of year again, mince pies, mulled wine and Christmas markets. I am a huge Christmas fan and I am always the first one to get into the Christmas spirit. December the 1st couldn't come quick enough for me as it meant it was okay to start talking about Christmas, listening to Christmas Carols and to put up my Christmas tree (I will pretend I didn't actually put it up on November 29th !).

I attended a few Christmas markets/fairs this year and my experience was that some were better than others. I personally prefer the more organised ones, if tickets are booked in advance then the amount of people turning up can be better controlled so you know it is not going to be too over crowded and they generally have some form of organised parking, as driving around for half an hour trying to find a parking space is not my idea of fun! I really enjoyed Ripley Christmas Fair this year, there was plenty of stalls and yes it was busy but not too busy and I could still look at all the stalls and speak to stall owners if I wanted too and try samples etc. The only problem was they had so many tasty food stalls that I ended up buying more for myself that I did getting on with my Christmas shopping.

There was the Camp Hill Christmas Fair here on the Estate itself, it was a lovely relaxed atmosphere, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and I bought some lovely Damson Vodka from a local company that will defiantly be my choice of tipple over the festive period and I got a few more bottles for gifts too.

I also went to Harrogate to visit their Christmas market, which was extremely busy, so busy in fact that I didn't stay very long just long enough to get my German Sausage! It was so busy with people trying to get round it in both directions that I couldn't even get to any stalls to see what they were selling. It was a real shame as the market has the potential to be brilliant but it could just do with more space so people can spread out more and maybe a one way system to control the traffic volume. I could see there was some nice things there but unfortunately I just couldn't get to them to have a look which was a shame.  

I always like to buy fun, quirky gifts for my family and friends so sticking with our glamping and festival theme, here are a few little unique gems I have found that would be perfect for anyone who loves the great outdoors. 

                                                       The North Face Men's Tent Slippers

These slippers are perfect for Dads and Brothers who love Camping. They give warmth and protection and would be much easier to slip on for a quick step out of your tent instead of trying to put your wellies on ! Priced at £36.00 there not the cheapest gift out there but you cant put a price on warmth and comfort when enjoying the great outdoors! Buy from .

 Personalised Camping Mallet 

What a great gift for a family who loved camping or  glamping. This will make bashing in those tent pegs a lot more fun ! The mallet can be personalised with one or two lines of wording as well as a few icons. At £20.00 as well this is bargain. Buy from . 

Camper Van Wash Bag

Ideal for people always on the go this Camper Van wash bag would be a perfect gift for camper van, festival and camping lovers. It is quite a good size too for carrying all your toiletries and bits and bobs around in.  It is £16.95 and also comes in blue or red.  Buy from .

Dude, Where's My Tent T-Shirt

This men's t-shirt is great for camping fans, its funny and stylish and would be look great on someone walking around a camp site in the summer. It comes is 5 different colours so there is a choice for everyone. It is priced at a very reasonable £9.99 and comes with free delivery. Buy it from . 

The Tent Finder

Never loose your tent again ! This is one of my favourite finds and such a great idea. Just leave the light in your tent before you go off at night and then use the remote control on your return and your tent will light up showing you the way, perfect for festivals when one to many tipples might make you forget where you pitched up! It works at a distance of 50 meters and cost £23.89 to buy from . 

Vango Inflatable Flocked Armchair 

This deluxe inflatable chair is perfect for chilling out in outside your tent or in your garden. An essential part of any glamping kit ! You will be the envy of your mates with their regular camping chairs. It costs £21.19 and it also comes with its own repair kit should you get a puncture.  You can buy this from . 

 Ladies Camping Flask

This cute flask is is a great gift to get your friend who enjoys camping and travelling. She can take the tipple of her choice away with her in this handy portable flask with a fun design on the front. Priced at £23.25 you can but this from .

Well I hope you got some ideas for your Christmas shopping from this blog, with only 2 weeks to go to Christmas day itself don't forget to get all your online ordering done in time. I have nearly finished all mine and I am determined not to spend the week before Christmas doing my shopping! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Bye for now

Girl in the Cupboard   xxxxx 

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